Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Wreath

Hope everyone had a great Easter! I definitely enjoyed having 4 days off to relax, sleep in, and DIY stuff.

Despite freezing temperatures, I have spring fever! We have springified the house by adding coral accents, fresh yellow tulips, bunches of pussy willow, and a new door wreath! And this is the story of how the wreath came to be.

Materials used:
- grapevine wreath ($4.99 at Michaels with 40% off coupon = $2.99)
- 3 sprigs of artificial flowers ($1 each at the dollar store)
- Rafia ($2.99 at Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupon = $1.79)
- floral wire
- wire cutters

The above picture lies a bit because I didn't end up using the glue gun or the heavy-duty yellow cutters. The pic on the iPad is a Pinterest link I used for inspiration. I also liked the look of this wreath, this wreath, and this wreath.

I started by cutting off all the individual flowers from the 3 sprigs.

Next I started sticking them in, on by one. I thought that I would need to secure them with hot glue or floral wire, but the grapevine was so thick that the stems held firmly in place right away! The best part about this is that I can take it all apart and reuse the wreath for another season. Perf!

This also allowed me to tweak it as I went along since no permanence was involved.

After fussing with it for about 5 minutes, I was happy with the arrangement and called it a day.

After deliberating between satin ribbon, raffia, and burlap, I settled on raffia because I thought it had the most springish feel to it.

But now when I look back, it also has an autumn feel to it. Thoughts? I don't know.. I think it will stay. At least I know I can use the leftover raffia for more DIYs in 6 months.

So there it is! I originally wanted to add a white capital F letter on the other side but I think it would look too busy.

(Yes, I know my door needs a desperate paint job.)

Neptune approves :)

xoxo, E

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