Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I Got That Polish Spirit!

Just as promised, I have been fussing over the backyard this spring season to avoid repeating the disaster of 2012. Step one was researching my hardiness zone. I learned that knowing this is essential when choosing plants for your garden. Plants are categorized based on how well they can adapt to a specified climate. I am in zone 6a or 6b, depending on which map you look at. So off I went researching which plants like my area.

Anyhoo, right from the beginning I knew I wanted to plant a Clematis because my grandmother always had a beautiful one growing in her front yard. I remember hers having many dark purple blooms each summer and it would climb two stories high. It was definitely a staple in her garden.  I was determined to have the same beautiful plant in her honour.

I wanted one that bloomed later in the season and that was hardy in my 6ish zone. And then I found my Polish Spirit. Nope, not joking. It was meant for me! I am Polish through and through and so was this Clematis. It was bred by a Polish fellow who named it after the "indomitable spirit the Polish people had while under communist control." YES POLSKA! Who's got that Polish Spirit! I do! Now in more ways than one :)

This is what I have to look forward to:

I don't know for sure if my grandmother had this exact species but it definitely looks very similar! I wouldn't be surprised if it is since she lives in Poland. Apparently this clematis is very beginner-friendly, low maintenance, and  likes partial shade. Perf.

Following planting instructions super carefully, into the ground he went.

The plan is for him to grow giganto and cover that whole wall. Think he can do it? I check on him every day and every day he grows so much! Seriously, it's nuts! I am convinced we will see blooms this year. I believe in you, Clematis! You can do it! Awww such a wonderful addition to the family. (Is it weird to treat plants like your children? I mean, they are alive. ...don't judge.)
xoxo, E

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