Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Nice to meet you too!

So here it is. My first post ever. Eek! I guess this means I'm part of the Blogworld? Blogosphere? Blogiverse? Clearly I'm new to this. I'm here to write about my adventures. This is a huge step out of my comfort zone. Part of me hopes that no one will ever read this because that means I have to face other people's comments and opinions. So be gentle, pretty please!

About me? I don't know if I want to share my name quite yet. Maybe you can call me E for now? I'm a mid-twenty-year-old. I'm married. I laugh easy, I cry easy, I fall in love easy, I shut down easy. I can be fun, I can be boring.

How's that for a first post? Not too exciting, eh? Blogging for the first time is weird. I have so much to talk about but I feel like I need to reserve myself for this first post. Thus I'm eager to write my second one!

xoxo, E.

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