Thursday, 14 March 2013

4 Square

A while ago, Hubs and I put up 4 Ribba frames above the loveseat. I had 3 already from when I lived with my parents. You can sort of seem them here hanging crookedly in my old bedroom, above the bed. They contained pictures taken by a friend of my hometown in Poland. Man, was my room bright or what.

Since we moved, we picked up another Ribba and hung the frames in a square arrangement above the loveseat in the living room. 

And there they hung just like so for TWO months. Awful. We had people over and everything. It clearly took a while for me to figure out what I wanted in there. And then another while to execute it. But we did it. Finally. Yesterday.

After many crossed out ideas, we decided to stick the lyrics of our wedding song in them. Did you click on the link? Yup, Uncle Jesse sang our wedding song. I wrote them out in a publisher document and we took them to get printed on 12x18 photo paper.

I wanted the words to go into the matting and be more on the decorative side than legible. Hubs picked the font (Sunshine in my Soul) and i think it gives it the perfect romantic handwritten look!

We picked this song because we both loved watching Full House growing up and it was so cute and romantic. One of the easiest wedding choices we had to make, imo.

Each frame has the same printout in it, but each is moved slightly up or down to make them look less identical. I love the arrangement because it fills that space so well! Thank goodness for Ikea continuing to sell these Ribba frames long after I bought the first 3! Another job well done.

xoxo, E

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  1. Very neat idea - this is soooo lovely! And it fits the space really well.