Friday, 8 March 2013

Frame Game: Phase 2 -- Hanging

The second portion of the gallery wall is complete! It took a while, but all the frames are hung and I heart them! Here's a little sneak peak before I jump into the process of Phase Two:

After all the frames were painted, I traced their outlines onto flyers. I didn't find any exciting deals, in case you're wondering.

I stuck the newspaper cutouts on the wall with masking tape and moved them around approximately 34,567 times. Then I went to bed and moved it some more the next day. I have to admit that I was very nervous about the placement prior to nailing them in for forever. Doesn't that sound so scary? I started off with a small grouping and it looked so weird.

I like it, just not for the staircase. Something like that would work for a non-sloped area like above the couch or bed. I thought the gallery wall should "move" with the flow of the stairs.

Better! I felt like I reached a eureka! moment. Sadly, the animals weren't quite as thrilled as I was.

They were even less thrilled when it was Hammer Time (breakitdown oooooooh!). I don't think our neighbours loved it either since we're attached on that wall. But anyway, we measured the spot where the nail goes in the frame and transferred those measurements directly onto our flyer templates.

We put the nail/screw right through the paper and didn't really bother to look for studs since most frames were super light. Level it out, and then on to the next one! Yup I sang it.

...and the next one. And the next one. I got a million ways to get it. And the next one. Choose one. And the next one. I think you get the idea.

So here they are. My babies are on the wall and I really think they look great! For now, we only have two frames filled. One is Hubs' parents' wedding photo and the other is my grandparents' wedding photo.

Next on the agenda is to make mat inserts and obvi stick some art/photos in there!! I'm excited.

xoxo, E

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