Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Thick Slice of Diaper Cake

I'm back with more baby shower decorating fun!
The venue where we are holding my sister-in-law's shower oddly doesn't allow us to bring in even a crumb of our own food. And they won't make us a cake either. And since my mother-in-law and I feel that a cake is an integral part of a shower, we took it upon ourselves to make one.
Hang on, didn't I say that we can't make our own cake and bring it in? Yes. But we didn't use food. The entire cake is made out of diapers. This obviously means that we can not serve it to our guests but that's ok because there will still be plenty of dessert on the menu (obviously supplied by the hall). And the best part is that my sister-on-law can take it home with her and put all the diapers to good use! I didn't count them all but there's roughly 80 of them in there.
We rolled each diaper and wrapped it with an elastic band like so:
A million 80-ish of these later, we had enough to make 3 solid layers. Below is a photo of the middle layer which has 23 diapers (I know because I counted in the photo, ha!). We grouped them in a circular shape and tied the perimeter with white curling ribbon.
We then covered the curling ribbon on each layer with a cute "it's a girl" ribbon from Michael's and fastened it with clear tape on the inside.
Then we topped it off with a pretty pink bow (notice the ombre? Also from Michael's) and sat it atop of a large round aluminium tray from the local dollar store. And ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa!

Easy as pie cake! I'm serious though. This is the easiest cake to make. And I also file it under fool-proof baby shower DIYs.
I can't wait for Mom and Baby to see it on Saturday!

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