Tuesday, 5 February 2013

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My friend recently asked me to help her out with some formal living room ideas for her and her husband's almost-built house. I was more than happy to help seeing how I like this kind of thing. She asked for a blue/grey theme with her already-present brown couch and dark wood floors. I threw together a quick little somethingsomething for her amusement. And since I'm a such a sharer, here it is.

I like the idea of different shades of a few colours to give the room texture and complexity.

1. Light grue (blue/grey, it's a technical term) walls. Something to the tune of SW Sky High
2. Basic brown leather couch
3. Dark hardwood floors
4. Grey rug with white geometrical pattern
5. Large fabric grey ottoman as coffeetable
6. Dark brown wooden tray for the coffeetable
7. Some chrome design accessories
8. Grey and navy couch pillows
9. Chrome lamp with white shade
10. White sheer curtains
11. Darker blue accent wall. Maybe SW Regatta?
12. Grouping of dark brown wood frames with black and white prints
13. White candles

Clearly a lot more goes into a room beside these 13 items. But I think it's a pretty good start! What are your thoughts on this colour scheme? I think it would work well for a bachelor pad too!

xoxo, E

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