Monday, 25 February 2013

Wedding Crashing - A Fun Winter Affair

Hubs and I were honoured to attend my friend-slash-coworker's wedding this past Saturday. It was a lovely winter wedding and I am here to share all the too-cute-to-handle details of the day!

Right off the bat, we knew this was going to be a fun wedding. The couple set up a Jenga game where each guest would write their well wishes on a wooden block. I thought this was such a nice alternative to the typical guest book. This way they can have some fun with it afterwards!

Beside the "guest book" was the favour table. Each guest received a lovely lace-wrapped mason jar filled with hot chocolate powder, peppermint bark, and marshmallows. So sweet! (Pun intended!) I couldn't wait to go home and whip up some yummy ho-cho by the fireplace. It was such a fun thoughtful gift to take away. Thank you!

Even the card box was adorable! I especially liked it because it was ...*building suspense*.... it was on loan from yours truly! We used this as the card holder for our wedding 7 months ago. The couple loved the lantern style which worked perfectly with their centrepieces and I was so happy to help.

The ceremony was very charming. The bride looked beyond gorgeous and the groom was  over-the-moon happy watching her walk up the aisle. I won't post pictures of the newlyweds to allow them some privacy. But here were a couple of my favourite details from the ceremony.

I think my favourite decor item is this chandelier that hung over the entryway to the ceremony. There were others hung in other areas but this one is so perfectly placed. It really set the mood of a romantic yet fun one-of-a-kind affair.

The bride didn't miss any details when organizing the big day. These purple pomanders lined the aisle above a striking white runner. I know for a fact that they took hours and hours for the bride and her bridesmaids to make. (I also made some for my wedding and it was a very time-consuming DIY!)

After the ceremony, we were led to the receiving line to congratulate the newlyweds. On our way, we passed the seating chart which was donned with stunning stationary and delicate lace. I loved the look of it!

The reception room was dressed to the nines! Centrepieces consisted of a charming lantern with a matching purple candle, a couple sprouts of babysbreath, and several cozy votives.

The head table was two-tiered to accommodate their large wedding party (8 on each side!) and I especially liked the rouched fabric in the front and of course the chandelier over where the bride and groom sat (which sadly didn't make this photo but I promise it was there).

One of my favourite parts of the whole night was the maid of honours' speech. No, the location of the apostrophe is not a typo. There were two MOHs both of which were her sisters. They sang their speech to the tune of "Hallelujah" and it was funny, tasteful, and very original. Well done, girls!

One of her sisters was even the mastermind behind the wedding cake-slash-cupcakes! She is an incredibly talented baker and made this deliciousness just a couple days before. I seriously couldn't stop admiring and drooling over the cake table (from a safe distance)! 

The rest of the food was sinfully delicious as well. The butternut squash soup and caramel brule cheesecake were super tasty --- you wouldn't have to pay me to only eat those two dishes for the rest of my life. Both Hubs and I definitely left with very full tummies.

Overall the whole night was very beautiful and every detail was exquisite. I know I said this before, but the couple looked so lovely and overjoyed all night. I can't wait to see their professional photos. Thank you so much for allowing us to share this special day with you!

xoxo, E

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