Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Spray Painting Obsession

I know you are all expecting the result post of the Pinterest Challenge. Well you're not getting it. At least not today because I am a day behind. I overestimated the amount of free time I would have with all the supplies I needed to gather and the wedding I had to attend. I am very ashamed and pinky promise to have a post by tomorrow. It's coming along nicely though!

The good news is that I was able to put the final coat of spray paint on a few more thrift store finds. A while ago I snagged an owl figurine and a nice oval frame for my future gallery wall. Here they are in their sad natural glory.

To be honest, they weren't all that bad. They just aren't the colour scheme I have going on. See that little chippie on the frame? I was hoping the new colour would hide the little imperfection and it definitely won't be visible among a bunch of other frames in the future gallery wall. So it's our little secret.

So I grabbed my favourite makeover weapon: a can of white spray paint. The owl took what-felt-like hundreds of coats because of all the crevices in the design. It's super important to do several thin coats than one or two thick goopy ones to avoid drips. I was as patient as possible and visited the spraying station in my garage a few times every evening to get good coverage.

Better, yes? Much. I was going for the ceramic vibe. And the chip is barely noticeable! Woop woop!

And let me surprise you with another fun makeover! I got this ORB jewelry tree a couple years ago from my old job. It used to match my teal-white-brown bedroom perfectly but since then I have moved and the decor has changed. So Mr. Tree needed a change too.

Here he is all white and cheery.

Maybe he would be even more cheery in a bright colour! Hmmm... Most of my jewelry is gold or silver so a bight colour would pop nicely I think. Thoughts? Coral? I love the idea of making something over to fit your new style instead of trashing it. Recycle reduce reuse, baby!

Anyway, come back tomsies for the GRAND REVEAL of my Pinterest-inspired nail  & string art! Here's a little teaser:

Looks cool, eh? If it's not done by tomorrow, come back anyway for a swim in the puddle of tears I will have cried out of disappointment.

xoxo, E 


  1. Love what a little spray paint can do! I love string art too - good for you for tackling that! It's on my to do list for one day.

    1. Go for it, Christine! It was very fun to do :)

  2. The owl and frame turned out great! We too love what a can of white spray paint can do! Way to go!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Aren't cheap makeovers just the bestest?