Thursday, 7 February 2013

Floating And Gloating

I have a mini obsession with floating shelves. Ok, maybe it's more major than mini. There's just something about their airy feel and how they allow the attention to focus on the trinkets instead of brackets.

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upsidedown we put 3 floating shelves in our master bathroom. Let me start off by showing you what the bathroom used to look like pre-us. I saved this photo off of the MLS listing when we were still house hunters.

Cute, huh? Not so much. Since this bathroom is right off our master bedroom, we painted the walls a cheery SW Aloe hue to play with the bedroom's light seafoam colouring. Bye bye boring light blue! I also had the painters take down the builder grade mirror so that I can replace it with a pretty silver-framed one.

But anyway, back to the shelves. My go-to store is usually Ikea for most decor items. Sadly, they didn't have the dimensions I needed for the over-the-toilet space. Home Depot to the rescue! (Again.) Hubs and I found these babies and they screamed perfection. We bought 3 (on sale for $9.99 at the time) after seeing this awesome bathroom makeover post at 320 Sycamore.  After some serious measuring and using our own screws and anchors due to some less-than-favourable reviews, here they are in all their triplet glory.

As pretty as they were on their own, they were there to serve a function: storage. I had visions of pretty wicker baskets but sadly they all seemed too wide for these 10.2" deep shelves. This time, Ikea didn't disappoint. We picked up 3 of these CD storage boxes for $9.99 each (funny how they cost just as much as the shelves) and they fit perfectly.

Here's a pic of the fully-decorated wall:

The top shelf has 2 of the Kvarnvik bins (I like pronouncing Ikea names). Sorry about the angled photo. In real life, they don't look like they are going to slide right off. Everything is actually nice and level.

The middle shelf (my favourite) has a cheap-o thrift store vase, 3 mason jars wrapped with lace (left over from my wedding, which I recycled from a friend's wedding), a chrome-y owl from Walmart, and a picture frame containing a fun first-thing-to-read-in-the-morning inspirational quote from The Help.  

The bottom shelf has a stand-up mirror from Ikea that is great for makeup application, another Kvarnvik (Kvarnvik, Kvarnvik) box, and a pretty tea cup that I got as a favour from a friend's bridal shower. (Note: I often put my iPhone in the teacup while I shower and listen to music. It works wonders for sound amplification!)

And in interest of full disclosure, I took a pic of the contents in each box. Just in case you were dying to know what we (I) keep inside. The top two house perfumes and makeup while the bottom shelf one stores my love of nail polish.  Turns out Hubs didn't need the extra storage space. Yay more for me!! Don't you love the cute checkered pattern on the inside? Oh how I love Ikea.

And last but not least, here's a closeup of the mason jars from the middle shelf. Here live our floss picks, cotton pads, and q-tips. 

And that's all folks! In the future, I may lean up a frame on the bottom or middle shelf. If so, you know I will blog all about it!

xoxo, E

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