Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Diaper Flowers

This weekend I am helping throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Let me tell you, she makes cute babies. I am over the moon in love with my one-month-and-one-day old niece. It's so bad that I have no more storage space on my phone due to all the photos I take of her. They call me crazy paparazzi aunt. I may have to start looking into a 12 step program soon. 
So when my mother-in-law asked me to co-plan a shower, I started jumping up and down and clapping. I mean, I had already stashed so many cute baby-related ideas in my head (and on my baby pinterest board) for when Hubs and I are ready to make a kiddo of our own. And since I couldn't exactly decorate my niece's nursery, I was eager to DIY some smaller projects for this shower.
One of the tasks I volunteered myself for was centrepieces. I wanted them to be really hands-on and personal instead of big-box-store-ish. A while back, I had seen a huge bouquet of diapers online and saved the photo as a potential gift idea.
This was the inspiration for my centrepieces. I scaled it back a bit by only using 6 diapers per arrangement. Here's the step-by-step:
1. Roll each diaper onto wooden skewer like so. (I used size 1s but any would work)
2. Add tissue paper on the bottom by poking the skewer through two square-sized sheets and sliding it up to the base of the diaper flower. Tie with curly ribbon.
3. Make lots. I made 6 roses for 5 centrepieces = 30. This lasted 2 afternoons because my hands would start feeling crampy after a while.
4. Grab vases. I used plastic outdoor drinking glasses from the dollar store but had to weigh them down with some rocks because the arrangement was too top-heavy. With curling ribbon, tie together your 6 diaper roses bouquet-style and stick 'em in!
That's all there is to it! Oh, and if you are planning on doing this yourself, remember to only use clean diapers.
I will be sure to post pictures after the weekend of the complete shower recap for your amusement.
xoxo, E

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