Friday, 22 February 2013

Love Your Baseboards!

Prior to moving in, we hired painters to paint most of the rooms in our home. We decided to save some money and had them leave the baseboards as-is. And now they drive me nuts. The rest of the walls are so pretty and fresh and our baseboards just seem perma-dirty to me. I tried so many things to bring them up to par and nothing worked. With much kicking and screaming, I accepted that they need to be painted.

It all started when I painted the stripes in our powder room. The fresh white on the wall made the baseboards look even uglier than before. Once I sucked it up and painted them, I moved to the next smallest room in our house: the master bathroom. And since we had already done some improvements there like put up floating shelves and change the vent (Gusty made a huge impact!), this was just one more step to ensuite Finished-ville.

Instead of taping off the wall, I used a plastic putty knife (I had to look up the proper terminology for this tool) that I picked up at the dollar store. I find taping things off somewhat stressful and to be honest, I just couldn't be bothered for this project. I just moved it down as I applied paint with a paintbrush. I couldn't take a picture of the complete process, but imagine my other hand holding a paintbrush.

Here's a close-up pic I took while applying the first coat. I think the difference is monumental!

This is a wide shot of the before and after. In person, the baseboards pop even more and look very clean and pretty!

I admit it's somewhat difficult to see. So you will just need to swing by for an in-person presentation. I swear they look amazing! And now I'm motivated to attack other baseboards throughout our casa. But before that, I think the bathroom doors will need a face lift to accompany their trim, as demonstrated below:

That's a serious difference right there. Yuckers! Maybe this weekend? No... I have the YHL/BP Pinterest Challenge to tackle. Oh, and a wedding to attend! Busy busy!
xoxo, E

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