Friday, 1 February 2013

Oh, The Little Things

To say that I'm a nitpicker would be an understatement. I often become obsessed with little imperfections and they drive me bonkers. I realize that this can be an issue, especially when I devote a whole post to something so insignificant.I prefer to rephrase it and say there's beauty in the details. Yes. That makes me sound less crazy. Right?

Exhibit A: My master bathroom vent. For 6 whole months we did not have a good relationship. I would practically growl every time I looked at it. And it would smile back at me in all its cracked, cream-coloured glory. Finally I said "Enough is enough, vent. You're outta here!" Along with the umpire ejection hand gesture. (I don't think talking to my vent is supporting my I'm-not-crazy case...) Don't ask why it took so long. I'm embarrassed. 

Last night, Hubs and I ran over to Home Depot for a stylish replacement (and lightbulbs and a furnace filter #homeownerresponsibilities). Did you know that they come in different sizes? I didn't. So we had to go home, measure, come back. And alas we brought home Gusty. Yup, that's his name. He's pretty and notcracked and matches.

Bathroom ventBathroom vent

Much better, yes? Why was every other vent in my house white except for this one? Some things will always remain a mystery but for now, I have calmed my tingling OCD senses. And I leave you with one more before and after shot of such a miniscule yet monumental change :)

Bathroom vent

Is there a tinybuthuge thing in your house that has been getting on your nerves? Do you fix these details right away or growl at them like I do?

xoxo, E

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