Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thrift Shop Challenge Round-up

Two weeks ago I posted my exciting $20 trip to my local second-hand store, as inspired by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Thrift Shop. This totally unofficial challenge was organized by the lovely folks at Young House Love.

Here's a quick reminder of what I managed to snag for my $20 budget. A little wooden basket thing, 5 books, and a cute elephant figurine. Here's the original post.

I have something controversial to admit regarding these books: I judged them by the cover. Like, I literally only bought them for their looks. But the idea is that they will sit all pretty in my living room and one day when I'm bored I will pick it up to read and fall in love with my random shallow purchase. (Actually, I am somewhat lying. The book Room by Emma Donaghue is a favourite of mine that was recommended by a dear friend (visit her at The Neon Leopard!) which I had always borrowed from the library. So I am very excited to be an owner and to have rescued it from recycling due to overstock.) Anyway, I took off their covers and arranged them in a cute colourful stack. As for the elephant, he got a couple coats of glossy white spray paint. Sadly the wooden box is sitting untouched.  Here's a pic of the newly transformed Value Village steals:

Then it was time to find a home for them. I tried the fireplace...

Then I tried the side table... (Side note: those are my so so pretty Valentine's Day roses from Hubs)

Then I tried splitting things up and brought the elephant over to the kitchen...

And then he ventured over to the TV stand and that's where he stayed.

I'm still not sure about his home. He might just be a nomad and travel all over the house. Whereas the books have stayed on the side table.

I really enjoyed reading other peoples' blogs about their Macklemore Challenge finds. There are so many quirky and interesting things out there! And I'm more than excited that tons of treasures have found good homes instead of the dump. Cheers to recycling!

xoxo, E

PS - Come back soon! I have many more spray painting projects in the works. Toodles!

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